Supporting Divisions:


Zerothwave Productions is a production company focusing on the future of the electronic music industry. Our goal is to investigate, standardize, and facilitate the transition of music to the next evolutionary phase of audio/visual presentation and what can be described as the final sound transmogrification into the "Zeroth Wave". Instruction sets can be integrated inside newly formed sound formats utilizing real-time sensor data for seemless HD streaming.

Zeroth Data

Zeroth Data is a division of Zeroth Enterprises and is focusing on formulating robust solutions for the new age of graphical data representation. They offer software solutions ranging from state-of-the-art web development to database system creation & analysis to mobile applications development. Our projects include a flight simulator game engine, a VTT to TTS ChatBot Engine, prototype Android SDK research, and many other experimental web and stand-alone ventures.

Zeroth Robotics

Zeroth Robotics is a long-term initiative of Zeroth Enterprises focusing on the complete integration of Artificial Intelligence and automated mechanized hardware. Mechanical automation and many other related technologies will soon be a common expectation in many places in the world. Bridging the evolutionary gap between efficient and intelligent semantic learning and crude machine instructions is the focal point for Zeroth Robotics.


A New look Into Zeroth Enterprises

A New look Into Zeroth Enterprises

For several years now the Zeroth Enterprises website was formatted in the legacy HTML 4.01 specification. We have been busy focusing on each individual company division and have had little or no time to focus on the main Zeroth Enterprises homepage. The old webpage framework had been quite robust and beautiful to look at, but we are now well into the Spring of 2017 and each and every website project we undertake must be a minimum HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework, most importantly the Zeroth Enterprises company website.

The initial realease of the HTML5 standard was almost 2.5 years ago in the Fall of 2014 and websites all over the Internet have been slowly but surely updating thier pages to fit in nice, simple, and mobile phone and tablet-friendly browsers. This is just an example of one common task in high demand today.

This is a very important requisite for companies, organizations, governments, various establishments, etc. if they wish to have an online presence in todays dynamic, volitile society.

The online world is, of course, ever-evolving with new standards for displaying and conveying information digitally. There has recently become so much cyberspace clutter that, despite bandwidth speeds becoming lightning fast compared to 20 years ago, the need for simplicity is nothing less than absolutely essential.

We at Zeroth Enterprises understand this quite well and intend to continue making efforts to help coordinate the smooth conversion of older, slower, inefficient industrial and technological systems and infrastructures into vigorous, proficient, cutting-edge digital and physical architectonics.

Enhancing Efforts for 2016

Enhancing Efforts for 2016

Our consolidation efforts have been slow in coming in the past year due to many unforseen complications. It is our directive to redouble our efforts in order to shape this company into a valuble asset for innovation of technologies and services. Last winter was bleak in terms of website updates and larger investments into our daughter companies. However, that time has past. We have finally added Zeroth Robotics as the fifth company under the direction of Zeroth Enterprises. This will be one of the last companies to come to fruition but is, perhaps, the most important causatum with witch we hope to establish.

Efforts will soon be shifted toward investing in our facilities and further solidifying the Zeroth Enterprises infrastructure.

Holiday Season is Coming

Holiday Season is Coming

The end of the year is coming near. Resources are spread thin. Departments are understaffed. Budgets have been cut down extensively. Focuses are being made on long-term projects which we will continue to develop.

Substantial work is being made with the various leading graphical frameworks within the ZerothSoft Division. Several aeronautic/scientific, image-recognition, and visualization products/services are projected to be available by the end of 2016 or Beginning of 2017.

Programming is the primary task for most of the divisions of Zeroth Enterprises.